Welcome to Lena Jane Handmade!

I am thrilled to officially announce my new project: my forthcoming Etsy shop - Lena Jane Handmade - officially launching in April 2018. This has been something I've been thinking about doing for a while, and I decided to just go for it. I will be offering children's clothes and accessories, and I'm so excited.

The name is a combination of my grandmother's name - Lena Maxine - and mine - Katie Jane. She has always been my inspiration in all things crafty. I spent my whole life taking pictures, drawing, making things, teaching myself various crafts, because of her influence. She was a prolific artist, seamstress, and all around crafter. From her, I learned I could teach myself to do anything I was interested in, and her sewing machine was the soundtrack to my childhood. After her death two years ago, I found myself searching for ways to continue to feel connected to her and I found solace in my own sewing machine. The hours I've spent at my machine have been restorative.

I am excited for the challenge ahead. I'm a little bit in the dark, and trying to figure this whole thing out as I go along. (Although not as in the dark as when I started my photography business 9.5 years ago!) I wanted to share the process with all of you, so you can follow my journey from concept to launch at @katiejanegoulah on Instagram. You can also keep up to date by signing up for my newsletter. I plan to share every step along the way as I figure this thing out! And keep following the blog for updates as I get closer to my official launch.